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A mutual commitment between client and therapist occurs when arranging a consultation.  Appointments can be scheduled as Dr Zuessman’s hours become available.  A session is approximately 50 minutes.  However, couples and families may be seen in longer sessions.  Only the scheduled time is available for your appointment, so please be sure to attend punctually.  The number and frequency of sessions depend on many factors and you may discuss this during your initial session.  You are expected to give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, otherwise you will be charged for appointments not attended as that time will have been allocated to you in the schedule.

Usual and customary fees for professional services (individual, couple or family) are $200 per consultation.  Special services (eg, personality inventories, reports, court attendance) are on a cost-per-service basis as discussed at the time arrangements are made.  Fees are to be paid by the client or as otherwise specified.  Customarily, payment is required at the time of consultation by Visa/Mastercard, American Express, credit card, debit card or cash in the exact amount.  When requested, a receipt can be provided which you may submit to a health plan and for which you may obtain partial reimbursement. However, please be aware that insurance may not cover the services provided.

Dr Zuessman provides elective clinical and consultation services and offers limited appointment hours. Please understand that appointments will be made available during those times, and crisis or emergency services when needed are available through community agencies.  One source of 24 hour telephone support in the community is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 800 273 8255 .  Another source of support is the northern Virginia toll free 24 hour telephone at 703 527 4077 .  You may contact local mental health services, your medical practitioner, local hospital emergency room, police or phone 911 for 24 hour emergencies.

As a child-minding service is not provided, please do not bring a child to your appointment unless it has been previously agreed that the child will be participating in the session.