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Some clients seek partial reimbursement of professional fees via health insurance, a health plan or a third party payer.  Each health plan will have its own definition of what professional services are covered.  Each plan will also have a schedule of reimbursement for professional services.  And, each plan will have its own procedures and paperwork for filing claims.

At Counseling Consultation, when seeking to utilize insurance, clients pay the full amount of the consultation fee at the time of service. When requested, you can be provided with an itemized receipt and it is your responsibility to submit and claim reimbursement directly from your health plan.

Insurance typically provides coverage for some mental health services.  However, there is no guarantee that services provided at Counseling Consultation will be covered.  It is important to note that differences between health plan coverage, schedule fees for reimbursement, deductibles and co-payments will contribute to out-of-pocket costs for services.  Consult your health plan to determine what coverage applies.  Dr Zuessman does not accept insurance and is an out-of-network provider.