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Counseling and consultation services are very personal and it takes some courage to initiate contact.  Sometimes the impetus comes from within; sometimes your circumstances or others close to you provide a nudge. Finding the ‘right’ psychologist for you may take some exploration.

Some people simply seek to talk privately about a subject or an issue.  This may involve one's direction in life, career, management role, or decision-making.  Some people seek to address deeply personal thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships, spirituality, or other concerns.

Once you have made a decision to seek assistance, the next step is to contact Dr Zuessman by phone on            347 267 3170 .

If Dr Zuessman is not available at that moment, leave a brief message with your name and contact phone numbers. Your call will be returned usually that day or the following day. You can briefly discuss your needs and goals during the first phone conversation with Dr Zuessman and together make a preliminary decision whether to proceed. 

Once you arrange an appointment several forms will be sent to you by e-mail. You will be asked to complete and return them by encrypted email prior to your first appointment. One is a Personal Questionnaire, which helps to canvas important personal information and history.