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Appropriate professional consultation or clinical supervision is an important element to support the practice of psychologists, professional counselors and psychotherapists.  Supervision is a process focused upon actual clinical work to address:  welfare of clients; quality of services; professional standards of practice; professional ethics; acquisition and use of relevant knowledge and skills; professional development; values and attitudes that support partnership with clients; clarity about professional identity, role accountabilities and responsibilities; and support of the supervisee in addressing the personal impact and implications for stressful work.

With more than 35 years of experience, Dr Zuessman is available to provide consultation or supervision to clinical and counseling psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists.  Dr Zuessman has provided clinical supervision in a variety of settings, and trained others to provide supervision.

Dr Zuessman is a past professional member of the American Counseling Association , the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision , the American Mental Health Counselors Association , and was certified as a National Certified Counselor and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor . Dr Zuessman also was an Approved Supervisor with AAMFT.

Dr Zuessman continues as a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy , and a Certified Sex Therapist with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists .  He is also a Member of the American Psychological Association .

Dr Zuessman has also taught a range of graduate courses, including: “Abnormal Psychology:  Psychopathology”; “Psychological Testing II:  Objective and Projective Personality Assessment”; "Psychological Assessment for Professional Psychology"; “Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning”; “Theories of Counseling”; “Theories of Psychotherapy”; “Counseling Skills Practicum”; “Techniques of Individual Counseling”; “Professional Psychology Internship 1, 2, & 3”; “Professional & Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice”; “Professional Seminar II (Practice & Ethics)”; “Group Counseling”; “Vocational Counseling”; “Career Theory and Management”; “Human Sexuality:  Therapy & Techniques”; “Family Therapy”; “Structural Family Therapy”; “Mental Health Care Systems”; and “Fundamentals of Research”.

With an integrative theoretical orientation, grounded in existential and humanistic psychology, drawing from psychodynamic, systemic, interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches, Dr Zuessman's specialties include:  psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, families, couples and relationships, and groups; life transitions around adolescence, mid-life and seniority; gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction, harassment and paraphilia; personality assessment; consultation to organizations; and legal reports.

To consider making an arrangement for clinical supervision, you are invited to make contact to discuss your interests.